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        The conference room sound system is a kind of equipment that the conference room should be equipped with. However, many conference room sound systems will have audio interference during use, which will have a great impact on the use of the sound system. Therefore, we should take the initiative to find out the causes of audio interference, locate and solve them. The following manufacturers tell you how to avoid audio interference in the conference room sound system.
        If the sound system in the conference room has poor power grounding, poor ground wire contact between equipment, mismatched impedance, the power supply has not been "purified", and the audio line and the AC line are in the same pipe, the same groove or the same bridge, it will cause clutter interference to the audio signal, forming a low-frequency AC "buzz". In order to avoid audio interference caused by power supply, it is necessary to ensure that these problems can be effectively solved.
        Avoid interference between devices. "Howling" is a common interference phenomenon in conference room sound system. It is mainly caused by the positive feedback between the speaker and the microphone. The reason is that the microphone is too close to the speaker, or the microphone points to the speaker. Sound wave delay will produce "empty sound" and "howling". When using, pay attention to the distance between the devices, which can effectively avoid the audio interference caused by the mutual interference of the devices.
        Avoid light interference. If ballast type lighting lamps are used intermittently in the venue, high-frequency radiation will be generated when the lamps are excited. Connect the microphone in series with its leads to produce "clatter" audio interference sound. Too close will also cause interference, so the microphone line of the conference room sound system should not be too close to the light.
        Audio interference may occur if you are not careful when using Shandong conference room audio system. Therefore, even if you use a high-quality conference room sound system, you still need to pay attention to some matters during the use. As long as the interference between equipment, power supply and lighting can be avoided, all kinds of interference and noise can be effectively avoided.
        The above is the relevant content of the question answer. I hope it can help you. If you still have any questions about this problem, you are welcome to follow our website http://www.jmsslc.com And consult our staff, will serve you wholeheartedly.





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