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        No matter what kind of meeting is held, the sound effect is often the key factor to determine the quality of the meeting. The sound reinforcement system, multimedia system and equipment in the conference room are complex. To get good conference sound, you don't simply stack microphones, speakers, mixers, and amplifiers. Let's talk about the four debugging steps of multimedia conference audio.
        Check that the system is properly connected.
        The correct connection of multimedia conference audio system is the basis of conference audio debugging. According to the system configuration wiring diagram, carefully check the line connection and power supply system, preset the function keys of the audio equipment, and ensure that the microphone has sufficient power supply.
        Adjust the position of the speakers.
        The main speakers shall be placed on both sides of the conference rostrum. The bottom of the split speaker is a mid bass speaker, the middle is a mid-range speaker, and the top is a tweeter speaker. If the radiation areas of the speakers on both sides echo each other, the sound quality will be greatly improved. Do not place potted plants, desk lamps or porcelain images on the speaker to avoid interrupting the meeting due to objects falling due to speaker vibration.
        Turn on the power amplifier and set the high level.
        After confirming that the system and hardware equipment are normal, power on the equipment, turn on the power amplifier, and adjust the power level to large. Set the mixer input gain to 0dB on the mixer indicator, slowly push up the mixer output fader, and adjust the fader according to the volume of the sound in the speaker to achieve a good volume. To ensure good commissioning effect, it is recommended to use phase meter detector to check whether each loudspeaker is in phase.
        Avoid audio squealing.
        The multimedia conference audio manufacturer suggests pushing the mixer channel pusher to 0dB, placing the microphone on the conference platform, turning on the monitoring output, finding the frequency band that causes the microphone to howl, and adjusting the equalizer settings to eliminate it. The microphone should point to avoid facing the speaker. If necessary, the position of the conference platform can be adjusted appropriately. The operating range must be small, so that the howling can be kept at a stable level, and then adjusted to be more accurate.
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