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        The main design idea of the exhibition hall design should take the visitor experience as the core, establish the relationship between the audience and the space through the visitor's experience and participation, and pay great attention to the visual experience. Do you know what kind of equipment the central control slide TV in the exhibition hall is?
        Slide TV, also known as interactive slide screen, adopts transparent screen and infrared touch box to realize interactive function. Slide system includes manual slide, automatic circulation slide, etc., which can be widely used in various publicity and display links. The system displays physical products, drawings and line drafts in a new form in front of the audience in the form of slide rail, which is more interesting and scientific.
        This interactive way will attract more visitors and play a better role in publicity. On the other hand, the LCD screen carries a huge amount of information, which can express the information that more organizers want to convey. Once visitors walk through the exhibition, the large screen system will start immediately, truly realizing automatic control. The simultaneous control of multiple inspection points makes the whole exhibition hall more vivid and free, and truly realizes power saving, energy saving, low-carbon and environmental protection.
        The application composition of the central control slide TV in the exhibition hall is mainly to arrange the display panel or LCD splicing screen on the exhibition wall as the background wall, and install a set of sliding mechanical structure in front to hang the LCD TV. The slide TV is preset with inductive contacts at different positions of the background wall. When the audience pushes the slide TV to move on the track by hand, the slide TV will automatically play the corresponding content every time it senses contact. It is a picture, text or video.
        Although the slide and interactive window work at the same time, they are usually placed separately for beauty. According to the needs of customers, the track can be set to push the display screen according to the up, down, left and right tracks. The display screen can also be customized on demand. The window projects the image onto the display. Just click the image on the outside of the large screen, the system will accurately locate according to the movement of the finger, and stop a series of interactions such as zooming, shrinking and rotating according to the user's action.
        That's all about the working principle of slide TV in the exhibition hall. If you are interested in this new high-tech thing, you might as well pay attention to our website www.wanguangzhining.com COM, ask about related questions.





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