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          In fact, the use of public broadcasting audio should take into account the problems and phenomena that may occur, so it is required to do a good job in the relevant adjustment before using, so how is the adjustment of public broadcasting audio processing equipment?
          The room equalizer has two functions: one is to adjust the sound quality, to compensate for the frequency response imbalance caused by hall reverberation time; Another important feature is to reduce a certain frequency band, reducing the noise caused by acoustic feedback. The room should be balanced to the position set during sound engineering commissioning.
          Voltage limiter is also an important equipment in audio engineering. Its functions are: first, compress or limit the dynamic range of the program, prevent overload or distortion, protect the power amplifier and loudspeaker; Another important function is to increase the loudness of the program (which can be clearly felt by hearing)。 The adjustment data of the voltage limiter is as follows:
          Noise door: when the indicator is on, the noise door is closed and plays the role of muffling. When the input signal drops to the threshold level, it begins to close, and the noise gate is usually between open and -20dB.
          Compression threshold Level Threshold: Specifies the level at which compression starts. It is usually set to -10 to 0dB. When compression starts, the gain decreases and the gain (DB) indicator starts to turn on. (3) Compression ratio: 2:1. (4) Action time attack: 10ms. (5) Release time Release: 0.3s.
          Shandong public broadcasting audio company reminds you that digital reverberator has been widely used nowadays. Many different reverberation effects are solidified in such machines. Tuners should try to sing and listen to the various reverberation effects of the mixer used one by one, record available programs, and call them up with the keyboard at any time during tuning.
          The relevant content of the adjustment of public broadcasting audio processing equipment is the above, of course, if you are a novice, you still need to have professional guidance, so as to better adjust the overall situation of sound. For more information, visit www.jmsslc.com.





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