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        1. Excessive pursuit of variety and quantity
        Without exception, the off stage equipment of these theaters is equipped with lifting platforms on the main stage, car platforms on the side stage and vehicle mounted turntables on the back stage, supplemented by a large number of micro lifting platforms. There are one or two orchestra pit lifting platforms on the front desk. The equipment on the stage is also complete in variety and excessive in quantity.
        2. Pursue too high standards for the theater
        Some counties, county-level cities, cities and even a district have proposed that their theatres should be first-class in China, not backward in the world, and can meet the needs of large-scale literary and artistic groups at home and abroad. Some lighting and sound rental companies also clearly put forward that they are equivalent to the level of the Grand Theater. Except that it can't compare with the National Grand Theater, other theaters are nothing.
        3. Improper positioning of the theater
        What kind of theater to build is a very important issue. Whether it is a professional theater or a multi-purpose theater must be fully demonstrated before the construction decision. At present, many places position the theater as mainly performing opera, dance drama, drama and variety shows, taking into account the meeting, regardless of the conditions and actual situation of the region. In fact, this is a difficult subject to take into account.
        4. Inappropriate choice of stage form
        No matter what kind of drama is performed and the scale of the theater, the stage form of many recently proposed or under construction theatres will adopt the Pinzi stage commonly used in European grand opera.
        5. Improper expansion of stage size
        Most of the proposed or under construction theaters determine the width of the stage opening to be 18 meters or more. Because the width of the stage opening is the basic basis for determining the stage structure, the inappropriate increase of the size of the stage opening will increase the scale of the whole stage and building, resulting in waste. The size of the stage entrance is closely related to the scale of the theater and other factors, which can not be freely determined.
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