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        Conference sound
        Conference sound system is mainly used for sound reinforcement of conference training lectures, etc. The conference sound system mainly considers the use of special conference sound reinforcement system (Note: such as hand-in-hand Conference) or conventional sound reinforcement system, equipped with corresponding conference microphone, etc.
        The general configuration of conference audio is usually mixer power amplifier and a pair of speakers. For medium and high-grade configuration, peripheral equipment or audio integrated processor and feedback suppressor can be selected. The specific scene system indicators depend on the use level and budget investment.
        Public address sound
        Public broadcasting sound system is generally used in large buildings, such as shopping malls, airports, railway stations, exhibition centers, comprehensive office areas, etc., for playing background music, broadcasting notices, etc. Public broadcasting sound generally focuses on language or background music, and the uniformity of sound coverage is considered in the layout of speakers or speakers.
        The public address sound configuration is simple and clear. In addition to the signal source, with simple program control function and corresponding constant voltage or power amplifier, the program is relatively fixed and the frequency response is between 100 ~ 10kHz.
        Stage performance sound
        Stage performance sound system is mainly used for performance sound reinforcement. It can be divided into indoor stage performance and outdoor stage performance, with different requirements on different occasions. The stage sound system is mainly configured and arranged for different performances, such as opera concerts, concerts, dramas, etc.
        The requirements for the sound configuration of the performance stage should be high, and the system composition is more complex and flexible. For example, peripheral equipment such as equalization, time delay, voltage limit, frequency division, reverberation and excitation are required to have a wide frequency response range, usually between 35 ~ 20kHz, output power of thousands of watts or even tens of thousands of watts, speakers of more than ten to dozens, and all equipment are required to be in high fidelity mode.
        The above is the knowledge brought to you today. Shandong stage audio has focused on the industry for many years and continuously provided users with valuable content. Please continue to pay attention to us for more content: http://www.jmsslc.com





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