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        Home theater configuration usually includes: audio equipment, power amplifier, audio-visual equalizer, 5.1 decoder, projector and so on. These basic home theater configuration bring people strong visual enjoyment. The following small make-up to a specific introduction of these home theater configuration.
        Speakers for home theater
        The ideal home theater speaker, in addition to subwoofer, all channels strive to be consistent. The sound box with good diffusion is more practical. You should listen more and compare more in the process of purchase. In addition, it should be noted that most loudspeakers can not give consideration to both dynamic and detailed sound quality. The loudspeakers suitable for music appreciation are often more delicate and less dynamic; The timbre of multi-channel AV speakers specially designed for home cinemas is often bland. If both are taken into account, the price is more expensive, so the selection should be based on the usual needs.
        AV power amplifier for home theater
        Generally, the quality and timbre of the amplifier should be considered when choosing the combined AV power amplifier with built-in decoder. Due to the subjectivity of timbre and the difference between different people, the speaker is connected to the power amplifier for actual listening.
        Video equalizer for home theater
        Its main function is to compensate for the acoustic characteristics of indoor space. A set of excellent home theater sound system, at least in front of the three channels and subwoofer is not lack of audio-visual equalizer. In terms of equalizer, we mainly start from four technical specifications: SNR, dynamic range, frequency adjustment point and adjustment range.
        Home theater configuration 5.1 decoder
        目前市面出售的品種大都是數字環繞聲解碼內置影音切換的功能。5.1解碼器大致可分兩個類型及兩個級數:高 級與普及新的解碼前級;高 級與普及型的帶解碼功能的綜合AV功放機。解碼前級不含5聲道功率放大;而綜合AV功放機則有。
        At present, most of the products on the market are digital surround sound decoder with built-in audio-visual switching function. 5.1 decoder can be divided into two types and two stages: advanced and new pre decoder stage; Advanced and popular integrated AV power amplifier with decoding function. Before decoding, there is no 5-channel power amplifier; And integrated AV power amplifier has.
        Projector for home theater
        Mainly divided into LCD projectors, DLP projectors and CRT projectors: resolution, price, brightness, picture, image color, heat dissipation conditions, bulbs and other factors are considered in the purchase; In the aspect of line doubler, there are double frequency, quadruple frequency and new variable frequency doublers on the market. When purchasing, we should pay attention to the specifications of scanning frequency, signal-to-noise ratio, contrast, color, dynamic rate and resection rate.





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