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          The construction of intelligent explanation system can help the exhibition hall make rational use of the exhibition hall resources and improve the explanation sound; It can also better serve visitors, provide a more sound reception experience, and improve the service image of the exhibition hall. In short, the intelligent explanation system in the exhibition hall has a great use, let's analyze it.
          With the rapid development of Internet +, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the exhibition hall has transformed from a simple place to display and collect into a bridge to communicate technology and connect ancient and modern cultures. The birth of the intelligent explanation system will undoubtedly help the exhibition hall better undertake the responsibility of education and popularization. With the construction of the smart exhibition hall and the smart exhibition hall, the exhibition hall is gradually upgraded and embedded with the intelligent explanation system, which is not only the upgrade of technology, but also a revolution of the exhibition hall.
          Intelligent explanation system is suitable for a variety of scenes such as scenic spots, museums, exhibition halls...... This system is mainly for VIP groups and super large teams, tourists do not need to wear any audio-visual equipment, to achieve block interpretation. The ceiling-mounted player ensures that the narrator can be heard clearly in every corner of the exhibition hall, and visitors are free to view the picture exhibits in the exhibition hall.
          It not only lightened the burden of the commentator, but also improved the service level of the museum, which fit the people-oriented service purpose. Based on the full-function digital broadcasting system, the intelligent lecture system has been expanded to form a complete radio broadcasting system for the venue.
          The exhibition hall intelligent explanation system realizes the functions of public broadcasting, background music and manual explanation through the perfect combination of comprehensive electro-acoustic system design and debugging, accurate on-site tuning and good sound transmission environment. Manual explanation with priority can automatically control all exhibition zones, the guide to each exhibition zone in the area of the background music automatically switch to explain voice, make the explanation more smooth!
          In addition, the design of the exhibition hall is an important link in the construction of the exhibition hall. It not only requires designers to be decent to the theme content of the exhibition hall, but also requires designers to present the characteristics of the exhibition hall perfectly. This requires the professional ability of the designer to integrate spatial logic, and the designer will use a variety of photoelectric media devices to create an exquisite display effect. The tightly logical exhibition hall planning can help the commentator to explain more smoothly, can play to strengthen the sense of substitution, give a person a feeling of being on the scene.
          So, in this intelligent explanation of the role of the system is indispensable, of course, if you want to know more about the role of the system or problems, you can come to the website www.jmsslc.com to consult us, customer service staff will serve you wholeheartedly!





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