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        Understand the importance of speaker placement in multi-channel home theater system
        The purpose of the correct placement of speakers is to establish a seamless surrounded sound field, giving people an immersive feeling, without easily discovering that the sound is sent from a speaker.
        For pure music users or film users, there are no requirements for the layout and setting of multi-channel speakers. This is introduced in detail in the layout of speakers in home cinemas.
        Home theater case
        We spend a lot of effort to adjust the position of the speaker, which will greatly improve the listening effect of our home theater system. You will understand more through this home theater guide.
        Home theater is not only to let people watch movies, but to bring the audience into the film content environment and experience the plot experienced by the protagonist of the film. To achieve this, the work without surround sound speakers is impossible.
        Therefore, the surround sound system of home theater needs at least five speakers. Three front speakers and two
        More advanced sound systems have six or seven identical full frequency speakers to layout, while the low frequency is managed separately and played back with a subwoofer.
        Various sounds are emitted from speakers in different positions, which are pre designed by the film producer and confirmed in his studio environment. But in the user's theater environment, the playback results are.....
        Although there are many specifications to guide you how to layout the most sound quality speaker layout position. But in order to get that gold position, you need to make a lot of detailed adjustments.
        Each speaker has different characteristics, and each room also has different acoustic characteristics. The placement position of one speaker may not be suitable for the placement position of another speaker. Therefore, you need to test and adjust repeatedly based on experience, and you need to make small differences with your sensitive ears.
        The first step is to place the sound in the home theater
        First of all, the first step in the layout of the speaker in the home theater is to determine the position of the middle speaker. The middle speaker represents the video dialogue in the film and the sound produced in a short distance in the film lens. Such a sound range is generally expressed in the size of the screen. So his position depends on the position of your projection screen. Therefore, the position adjustment range of the middle speaker is not very large, and the left and right front speakers are the key ones you need to adjust. Many sound effects are reflected by the mixing of left and right speakers and middle speakers.
        If you are still using the old CRT TV, you need the anti magnetism of the speaker. If you choose the speaker without anti magnetism treatment, it will seriously interfere with the display color of the TV and cause serious color spots. Plasma, LCD and projector do not have this problem.
        At present, most users choose the home theater combination of front projection. The middle speaker may be placed behind the screen. In this way, the sound permeable screen is selected. The sound permeable screen is made of special screen materials, including interwoven cloth processed with special technology and microporous technology. It is always to make the sound pass through the screen without obstacles. Such a setting of the middle speaker should be the most ideal way at present, But the influence of the price of the transparent screen and the size of the room is not a scheme that can be adopted by all users.





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